Registry Solution  
  RegistryASP Registry solution provides an extensive coverage of basic and advanced functionalities to operate a gTLD or ccTLD registry.

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Registry Solution
  Domain Management   Domain Filter
  Host Management   Contact Management
  Registrar Management   Email Manager
  User Management   Tracking
  Billing   IDN Management
  Promotion Manager   Report
  System Configuration   WHOIS Management

  • EPP version 1.0 thick registry with extensions
  • IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) support (IDN.ASCII, IDN.IDN) with complex variants handling
  • Web-based administration interfaces:
    • Registry Admin
    • Registrar Portal
    • Registrant Portal
  • Redundant Clustered Relational Database
  • OTE (Testing Environment) for registrars
  • WHOIS (RFC 954)
    • Web and command-based
    • Protection against DDOS
  • DNS (Domain Name Services)
  • High Availability (HA) setup
  • High security setup — compliant to ISO27001

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