Technology | WHOIS

The WHOIS service contains data submitted by registrars during the registration process. Any changes made to the data by a registrant will be submitted to the registry by the registrars and will be reflected in the WHOIS in real-time, thus providing all interested parties with up-to-date information.

EPP connection includes 4 main objects:

TCP (RFC 3734) Host (RFC 3732)
Domain (RFC 3731) Contact (RFC 3733)

The WHOIS services include:

Web based WHOIS with CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) to prevent data mining
Command prompt WHOIS
Rate limiter to prevent excessive request from the same IP
Configurable template for WHOIS output display for different extensions, registry user can define which field to display, which information to hide
Supports multilingual WHOIS display
Supports IDN WHOIS display
Easy, scalable and reliable WHOIS service
Ensures WHOIS data accuracy

WHOIS search allows parameter such as domain, contact, host and registrar.