Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Partner RegistryASP  
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Complete Control and Automation
High Security and Availability
Excellent After-Sales Service
Stable, powerful backing

1. Proven
Anyone can build and run a registry software, but you will want someone with real experience and trusted by others to handle their registries. RegistryASP is a proven registry solution trusted by reputable and sizable registries which handpicked us after careful evaluation among our fellow competitors. RegistryASP is a result of years of R&D, operational experience and code hardening. We know the trade-secrets of what needs to be done to keep a registry running round the clock securely. RegistryASP conforms to ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard (ISMS) for data confidentiality, integrity and availability. RegistryASP is designed to perform continuously with no downtime through High Availability (HA) setups. The last thing you want is see your registry incur downtime due to your provider’s lack of operational experience and bugs that have yet to be found.

2. Tailor-made
RegistryASP knows every registry’s policy will be different. That is why RegistryASP is designed with a state-of-the-art Policy Engine that allows automation of local policies and business processes. The management panels of RegistryASP allow the registry operators to perform filtering, manual verification and customization of object fields and process flow easily. We are committed to advise you on best practices and provide Full Customization to cater for your requirements. No matter how complex your additional customizations may be, rest assured we can perform rapid customizations for you, thanks to our smart software design and dedicated team of brilliant programmers and project managers who are always willing to go the extra mile to assist you.

3. Complete Control and Automation
RegistryASP provides comprehensive and modular web-based management tools (Registry Panel, Registrar Panel, Reseller Panel and Registrar Panel). Presets and ad-hoc reports on statistics and performance are accessible at the fingertips of the Operators. RegistryASP also has built-in promotion engines for bulk discounts, buy-one-get-one-free, periodic discounts to name a few. There are many more built-in configurable options and automations that will make the life of the operator a breeze.

4. Affordable Cost and flexible pricing schemes
RegistryASP provides a full fledge solution that is scalable to handle millions of domain names at no upfront cost (outsourcing) and the lowest cost of ownership (backend solution). We are probably one of the best value solutions available. Being based in Asia helps with the manpower cost. That is probably why can be a consistent Price Leader with absolutely no compromises in quality and service. Be it per domain per year charging model, absolute fee per year model or even one time upfront payment to purchase our software, we are open to discussions to find the best model that fits your needs.

5. Excellent After-Sales Service
After sales support is critical but often overlooked. If you cannot get timely support when something goes wrong, it would certainly be a disaster. If you need some customizations made quickly to support your new marketing promotion, the last thing you want to have are delayed and retarded replies. RegistryASP takes pride in our after-sales support and professional customer-care. Help is always available and escalation will be done at the earliest opportunity. Our support is fast, courteous and more importantly ‘to the point’.

6. Stable, powerful backing
RegistryASP has been in operation since 2000 and is an established player with strong financial track records. RegistryASP's shareholder is a Malaysian conglomerate that has several listed entities in Malaysia Stock Exchange with combined annual revenue of more than USD 1 billion.