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Policy Development

RegistryASP has been in contact with over 20 registries over the years since inception. From time to time, RegistryASP has observed the best policies from registries and implemented these policies into RegistryASP With the vast knowledge of various policies and strategies , registries interpret laws in various countries; RegistryASP is in the best position to provide consultation on policies.

Our experience gathered from the operation of Registry and Registrar includes:

  • Policy and service compliance of Registry-Registrar relationship as an ICANN Accredited Registrar for 10 gTLDs;
  • Policy and service compliance of Registry-Registrar relationship as an Accredited Registrar for over 30 ccTLDs;
  • Organization development, policy development, system development and operational maintenance for SGNIC (.sg Registry)
  • System development, operational maintenance, consultancy and advisory for HKDNR (.hk Registry) , MYNIC (.my Registry) and CIM (.cd Registry); and
  • Policy development and service deployment for Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) for HKDNR (.hk Registry).
  • Domain name framework policy for Oman TRA.
  Here is a typical RegistryASP cycle of policy development:

RegistryASP cycle of policy development

Security and Control

RegistryASP has matured with experience over the years and offers quality consultancy services that enables clients to setup a safe and secured environment for their perusage. The consultancy direction will be aimed at clients best interest because RegistryASP is not associated with any security service nor product provider hence , when assesing client's requirement and budget, it's imparitive that RegistryASP is providing unbiased advice that allow clients to make the right decision for their business.

Implementing a highly secured environment normally requires trained specialist. Many companies do not have in-house security expertise or the right resources to carry out such implementation. RegistryASP has a pedigree based on proven track records in providing security assessments, advice, design, project management, and documentation.
  RegistryASP’ clients consists mainly of registration bodies who sees security as a top priority.  RegistryASP only employes qualified security management professionals with solid experience who will adhere to the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

RegistryASP services include:
  • Risk assessment and security audits
  • Security design
  • Documentation of security systems and procedures

Performance Management

RegistryASP has unparalleled experience in designing and implementing performance management strategies across various business sectors and technologies . RegistryASP can offer a full range of services from initial scoping studies right through to the full management of your performance management projects.

RegistryASP has a broad base of skills and boast experience in all leading technologies including web, client/server and database on both small- and large-scale systems.


RegistryASP key objective is to execute all key areas in performance management which covers from capacity planning , load testing and tuning. RegistryASP will identify the capacity of traffic and plan accordingly to cope with the vast capacity or sudden burst of traffic. Additional, RegistryASP will run a  series of load testing to bring the system to it's knees and subsequently ,  tune the system accordingly. This cycle is repeated vigirously until a system is brought up to a respectable performance level.

The experience gained has allowed RegistryASP  to develop internal processes and procedures and client template documents  that enables a high and repeatable level of quality.