Case Studies  
Case Studies
Central Comercializadora de Internet
Interlink Co, Japan
Oman The Telecomms Regulatory Authority (TRA)
HKDNR - .HK TLD Registry
CIM - .CD TLD Registry
MYNIC - .MY TLD Registry
WebNIC - ICANN Accredited Registrar

Central Comercializadora de Internet [ Central Comercializadora de Internet ]

Central Comercializadora de Internet is one of the original 10 registrars accredited by the .CO registry to register domain names in the .CO namespace. With the .CO accreditation in hand, Central Comercializadora de Internet approached RegistryASP to build a Registry Gateway to help bridge other registrars to the .CO Registry to register and manage .CO domain names. The uniqueness of the .CO Registry Gateway is that it does not act as a reseller system. This is because the sponsoring registrar of the registered .CO domain name will be reflected as the registrar using the gateway in the WHOIS provided by Central Comercializadora de Internet.

The Registry Gateway is also built according to Industry standards based on EPP v1.0 and hosted in a Tier 4 datacenter in the United States close to the .CO Registry Servers.

Interlink Co, Japan [ Interlink Co, Japan ]

Interlink , a leading ISP provider in Japan has plans to take the new gTLD market by storm. One of Interlink key initiatives is to provide new gTLD services to Japanese and East Asia market. Another key initiatives of Interlink is the World Domain Cup that has received outstanding response from the community. The World Domain Cup objective is to receive ideas on the new gTLD program from public and upon success; Interlink will reward the winning party with a revenue sharing basis for the next decade. After an intense evaluation of gTLD registry service provider, Intelink has chosen RegistryASP because of proven track records, strong technical capabilities and great confidence in RegistryASP to operate new gTLDs.

Oman [ Oman The Telecomms Regulatory Authority (TRA) ]

The Telecomms Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Oman is empowered by the Telecoms Act to administer the '.om' domain name space. It thus commenced the action to take over the administration of '.om' from the incumbent operator, Omantel. TRA could have simply taken over the operation from Omantel and continue to administer the '.om' as it was administered before but fortunately for Oman and its people, TRA has the foresight and vision to make use of this unique opportunity to revamp the '.om' domain registration framework with a view to benefits all stakeholders.

TRA thus called for a tender for Industry experts to provide a consultation on the best domain name framework for the 'om' ccTLD. Qinetics is very fortunate to be selected by TRA from among our peers to be awarded the consultancy project. Qinetics gathered a team of experts to study Oman's unique situation and developed a framework that encompassed the World's best practices while making sure they suit Oman's local conditions and culture. The coverage of the consultancy is wide and complete, covering areas such as Registrar Framework, Domain Policy Framework, Fees Collection Framework, Technical Framework and providing advices on the use of wildcard on '.om' domain names.

HKDNR [ HKDNR - .HK TLD Registry ]

In September 2005, RegistryASP (of Qinetics) was awarded the Development and Implementation of a new Registry System Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR - .hk Registry). HKDNR, through the new system deployment in 2006, has doubled up the registration volume to 180,000 domain names within 1 year. It was a phenomenon growth record for HKDNR due to the launch of API, Internationalized Domain Names and Flexible promotion program thru the system.

The scope of the project involves deployment of a customized EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) version 1.0 Thick Registry with IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) support, implementation and customization of RegistryASP system. The new system automates much of the previously manual business process to significantly minimize manpower resource and improve data accuracy. Qinetics also assist in installation and commissioning of servers , database , networks and other facilities. RegistryASP system is customized to integrate with existing 3rd party systems such as Accounting System, Membership Management System and several local Payment Gateways.

RegistryASP is proud to achieve several pioneering efforts in this project, with the following highlights:

  • Database and system migration with minimum downtime;
  • System is capable to handle legacy registration policy and new registration policy concurrently;
  • Allow transition models before adopting full Registry — Registrar model;
  • Combined language scripts for the launch of CDN (Chinese Domain Name);
  • Pass through ISO27001 security framework audit by external security consultants assigned by the Hong Kong SAR government; and
  • System availability consistently exceeds agreed SLA

CIM [ CIM - .CD TLD Registry ]

Congo Internet Management (CIM) is a company officially delegated by the Ministry of Posts, Telegraphs and Telecommunications (PTT) of the Democratic Republic of Congo to manage .cd TLD. In 2006, CIM chose to switch from an existing Registry service provider in the Europe to RegistryASP, with the award of full registry service outsourcing.

CIM selected RegistryASP (of Qinetics) base on the criteria of:

  • Affordable service offer — allow CIM to significantly lower down the registration fee;
  • System reliability and stability with service level commitment;
  • Compliance to industry standards (e.g. EPP version 1.0);
  • Flexible to accommodate various promotion effort of .cd TLD;
  • Comprehensive web-based GUI panel for administration and management;
  • Dedicated support services — direct liaison to accredited Registrar; and
  • Advisory on policy development.

MYNIC [ MYNIC - .MY TLD Registry ]

RegistryASP (of Qinetics) involved in developing, enhancing and maintaining the registry system for MYNIC, the Malaysian .my domain name registry, which served and support over 50,000 of .my third-level domain name through over 30 authorized resellers nationwide. The ongoing development and enhancement of the .my registry system is modernization and standardization effort of MYNIC to adopt a standard-based competitive Shared Registry System.

Since 2004, RegistryASP has involved into several phases of the development, include billing system, channel system, online payment and credit card system, WHOIS system, online domain name modification system, and other related sub-modules customisation and system optimisation works.

Webnic [ WebNIC — ICANN Accredited Registrar ]

WEBNIC, a Registrar division within  Qinetics, is synonymous with pioneering ICANN registrar from Asia focusing on wholesale and outsourced registration service platform for resellers. Webnic is a dominant registrar in ASEAN region and rank among the top registrars in Asia.

Today, WEBNIC serves over 400,000 domain names through over 1,000 active resellers worldwide. Its accelerating growth is attributed to the robust and scalable RegistryASP Shared Registrar System that serves as the one-stop registration service and management platform for about 40 generic and country-code TLDs. Resellers make use of its API SDK, multi-lingual Private Label and Reseller Panel (a web-based Reseller portal) for self service and automated registration and management functions.


RegistryASP (of Qinetics) , was awarded by SgNIC around mid 2nd quarter of 2008 to provide a registry solution and it is projected  to  be available for production usage by end of 2008. RegistryASP will be tackling deployment and maintenance including commissioning of servers , database , networks and other facilities.

RegistryASP is also responsible for several unique and today's standard features such as  deploying a customized EPP solution that supports Thick Registry with IDN support.  For secured and high availability reasons,  RegistryASP has proposed to deploy Anycast DNS servers to cope with the high capacity usage.

Every ccTLD registry requires a unique set of requirements that works best with their business model and strategy, this is no different for SgNIC. RegistryASP is customizing a unique set of customized registry solution solely for SgNIC business needs only. This translates to a significant improvement in SgNIC business processes that ultimately reduces valuable resource so it can be fully utilized elsewhere.

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